This blog is about my journey as a teacher, the highs the lows and all the bits in between. As I am writing I should tell you what point I am at in my teaching journey: I am in the first term of my second year of teaching. Last year was my NQT year and I completed my QTLS.

I am really proud of everything I had achieved in my first year of teaching, however, as many NQTs’ may agree it was a tough year too. Whilst in my last term of my NQT year I did an interview for the Society of Education and Training (SET) about my experience of the process of QTLS, which I would like to share with you…


In my future blog posts I would like to talk in further detail about my NQT year (after giving myself the time to digest and reflect on it), and talk about my current teaching journey. I hope to share my mistakes as well as my triumphs through this blog so that it may be a useful tool to teachers, teachers in the making or just those interested education.


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